Functional Beauty

The distinct character and atmosphere at the Canberra Centre is a delight for the senses, experienced through the retail offer, the luxury of refined materials, craftsmanship and spatial functionality. The new amenities integrate this approach where each moment is an opportunity to influence customers’ experience of place and generate connection. Each colour scheme was inspired by nature’s subtleties: midnight, chalk, mist, sand, clay and forest. The first stages showcase three of these colour schemes.

A deliberate design decision was taken to move away from the typical stark, sterile commercial bathrooms and create a sense of intimacy and comfort, akin to those found in hotels. This was achieved through materials such as marble and terrazzo, timber and high-quality porcelain tiles. The interiors strategically use tonal colour throughout: creating a strong ground plane; ceiling and walls enveloping to create mood; and through variation of visual texture and scale to soften colour. Each colour scheme was inspired by nature’s subtleties to create a timeless elegance.

Attention to detail in all areas of the design was paid to a high level of durability. The decision was made to avoid entry doors and use touchless technology to increase hygiene. Visual and physical privacy was addressed through layout, screening views from entries and within bathrooms, including reflected views in mirrors. Corian was chosen to create a continuous surface benchtop with integrated basins to ensure seamless non-porous junctures for ease of cleaning. Integrating the key actions of washing, sanitising and drying in one place by concealing hand dryers over the basins behind mirrors was important to avoid water spillage on floor.