Warmth, light & openness

A new sculptural entry, arbour and expansion of the chimney volume has been created, strengthening core compositional elements of the original 1960’s house, with feature gutter that guides water into a pond and landscaped front garden. Internally the project relocated the kitchen and reorienting the living areas to create greater connection to the outdoors.

Internally the project involved reconfiguration of some internal spaces including the demolition of internal walls, relocation and renovation of the kitchen dining and living areas to create a more spacious home while remaining largely within the existing envelope. The kitchen was relocated, reorienting the living areas to create greater connection out to both east and west entertainment areas and views to the street.

Raising the ceiling in the formal living/entry area provided an opportunity to slip northern light in at high level over the top of the garage and provide views to the sky. This use of high-level light and triangular windows continues in the corner window above the front entry door which creates a counterbalance to the window in the dining area.

While working on a considered architectural design solution we addressed opportunities to increase the energy efficiency and liveability of the house, with good cross flow natural ventilation, increased insulation in all new walls and retrofitted under the floor and in the ceiling as well as increased solar access from the north and east. The lifestyle and usage of the house over the long term was considered as well as options for staging construction works to allow the clients to remain in the house during construction. A surgical approach to the alteration and renovation of the existing house was taken get the most impact from a modest budget.