Nikki Butlin


Nikki holds extensive experience in hospitality, workplace design, retail, educational, multi-residential and single-residential projects and enjoys the strategic interplay in developing a design response alongside a business case. She manages the studio’s quality management system and contributes towards the design leadership of the practice. Putting user experience space at the forefront, she strategically uses ergonomics and psychology to improve the health, well-being, efficiency, and performance of space.

Nikki brings a high level of design resolution and material understanding to all her projects. Working across architecture and interiors, she brings a deep respect for the craft of making, enjoying integrating bespoke elements into each project. her contemporary ceramic arts and painting practice have enriched her understanding of form, colour and composition. After growing up on the tools at the house her dad designed and built, she has been an owner-builder for the renovation of her mid-century heritage home.