Space for merged living

The building had been extended previously, so the project centered around opening the earlier rear extension to the north-eastern backyard, upgrading the existing side extensions to better integrate these with the original dwelling, therefore improving the front façade and its relationship to the street. The original features of the existing house such as the fire place, stained glass, high ceilings and fenestration detailing were all maintained and upgraded where required, while the building fabric was significantly upgraded to improve the thermal performance of the dwelling. Windows were upgraded to double glazed and the whole ceiling was upgraded to R5 insulation throughout to improve the thermal performance of the building. The swimming pool has a retractable cover that has integrated solar panels to provide solar heating for the swimming pool.

Due to the dynamics of two families joining, the brief established clear zones of living for step siblings growing up, parents retreat and study, rumpus, indoor and outdoor shared spaces. this house represented a new start for two families merging together. This renovation aims to unite the original 20th Century building and with its previous extensions while bringing it into the 21st Century

Structural modifications were required to open up the rear extension and courtyard to the family and living areas. This involved some compromises to the structure around the courtyard, but the overall indoor/outdoor feel of the central courtyard was still able to be maintained.